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Exfoliate with Dead Sea Salt

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Exfoliate with Dead Sea Salt

Exfoliation is not only reserved for your face, but for your entire body! A key part of any good beauty routine is regular exfoliation, which sloughs away dead skin cells to reveal new, glowing skin. Exfoliation helps to speed the process of shedding the dead skin cells that can only clog your pores – and thus lead to unwanted and unsightly break outs. Dead Sea Salt is one of the best, most effective natural substances that can be used for exfoliation – it cleanses the face and body gently and beautifully.

Why Dead Sea Salt?

The Dead Sea waters have been renowned for many years because of their powerfully therapeutic effects – even in ancient times, their use was thought to possess magically restorative powers. As many as 2000 years ago, the emperor and philosopher Flavius reflected on the use of Dead Sea Salt, writing that it helped to heal the human body. In fact, the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, is credited with the discovery of Dead Sea Salt’s healing qualities.<

The Dead Sea’s waters are unusual and unique in that they having a 27% salt content, as compared to the 3% found in normal ocean water. In addition, although sodium makes up 80% of the content of the salt in regular sea water, the value is significantly less in Dead Sea salts. Instead, Dead Sea salt water contains a balanced measure of potassium, magnesium, various bromides, and calcium chloride. These elements and minerals combine to make a potent and powerful elixir – which works to the great benefit of our health.

Dermatologists recommend exfoliating with Dead Sea Salt because it can help ease skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, and various other conditions involving dry skin. Similarly, estheticians and dermatologists rave about Dead Sea Salt’s cleansing properties because of its ability to detoxifWhy Exfoliate?y the skin and to clean pores thoroughly and non-abrasively.

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The Benefits of Dead Sea Cosmetics: Real Beauty with Healthful Results

Daily, non-abrasive exfoliation is an advanced skin care technique for the removal of the dead cells of the epidermal or outer layer of the skin. Their removal makes the skin appear brighter and fresher, as the living cells are able to show through without a dull slough of dry, dead skin to stifle them.

Regular exfoliation also allows the other components of your beauty routine, like moisturizing, to work more effectively because the moisturizer can then penetrate into your skin. The active ingredients of any acne products may also reach their target more easily, and more of the active ingredients can reach any potential breakouts before they become full-fledged acne. Without exfoliation – especially Dad Sea Salt exfoliation as one of the most effective types – your pores would essentially feel suffocated.

Exfoliation and Dead Sea Salt Create a Perfect Combination

The purpose of exfoliation is to clear your pores of dead skin cells – and the result of Dead Sea salt naturally detoxifies and clear your pores. Therefore, together, the two create a powerful combination that purifies your skin, allowing nutrients to penetrate your pores and new skin cells to shine with youthful luster.

The natural minerals and nutrients in Dead Sea salt, including the powerful building block of sulfur, create an effective elixir that reveals the full potential of your skin.