Anti-Aging 24K Gold Mask Miracle Noir Dead Sea USA

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Anti-Aging 24K Gold Mask Miracle Noir

The amazing mask that has made Premier Dead Sea famous all over the world has now been reinvented with Mariah Carey.The addition of 24k gold, powerful antioxidants, essential oils, and further new enhancements have made this treatment absolutely astonishing. The power of this mask works hours after it has been removed, so you only need it once a week.This unique hypoallergenic mask is a patented innovation that delivers unparalleled results. A unique new generation of skin treatment that has an ultra-modern texture and contains powerful antioxidants that will leave your skin looking younger than ever. The mask’s action is intense and may still be active 8 hours after it has been removed, which is why the mask must not be applied daily. An interval of at least 60 hours must be maintained between each treatment.The mask is dermatology tested and is suitable for all skin types, excluding acne-prone. Do not apply the mask onto irritated skin with open pimples or acne.


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